As one of the very pro-gambling countries in the nation, taxpayers and lawmakers saw no problem with immediately making lawful Mississippi sports gambling the second step in gambling. The country has accepted most forms of gambling and it’s this together with the tourism sector which can help guide their market. The Gaming Control Act, that was passed in 1990, formalized the whole criteria for the country that allowed riverboat casino in coastal counties and no one looked back.
There are many laws that have changed over the past decade and regulations which are upcoming regarding sports gambling in Mississippi and it is our goal to ensure that you are knowledgeable in this facet. We’ll discuss these laws for lawful sports betting as well as places to take part in the pastime both inside the state’s casinos and via online licensed operators that can be found offshore. Daily fantasy sports (DFS) has also been a thriving business in the state and we’ll tackle aspects about it after we show you what teams in Mississippi you can wager on.
Is Land Based Sports Betting Legal In Mississippi?
Mississippi became the fourth state in the country to make a legal sports gambling industry and have been running a well-regulated platform because late 2018. This originated from a Supreme Court case, where SCOTUS decided the former national law called PASPA was unconstitutional against every state’s rights. Following this powerful appeal, Mississippi and other states could determine their own rules and regulations regarding legality, coverage, and procedures of sports wagering inside the state. Mississippi only allows for casino-based wagering at the time; nevertheless, as one of the first countries to proceed, it’s possible it expands into a variety of markets.
Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Mississippi?
Though land-based sports betting in Mississippi is completely legal and controlled over the state, online MS gambling — on a domestic basis — hasn’t yet been legalized. That said, offshore betting is always legal within the country, and these overseas, Internet-based sportsbooks offer the identical variety of wagers that casinos in Mississippi will, if not more. It is important to understand that only offshore websites which are fully licensed by their home nations are the operators that we indicate, as they each have a proven track record of trust and reliability. The only thing you need to avoid is using an unlicensed bookie, which can come with harsh penalties for both gambler and bookmaker alike.
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Mississippi Sports Betting Revenue
Boasting one of the largest casino markets on the planet (Biloxi), Mississippi has flown out from the gates as soon as it comes to sports betting revenue. The country has seen more than a quarter-billion dollars come to the sportsbooks, as the coastal region of Mississippi accounts for three-fifths of the whole handle. Starting in August 2018, the business was ready for football season and the sportsbooks could record a deal of almost $100 million from football independently in the first season. Since the launch, the state has received more than $2 million in tax donations and the towns where the casinos are situated have obtained more than $1 million.
Is There Anywhere In Mississippi That I Can I Bet On Sports?
Mississippi is loaded with sportsbooks and casinos which will let you play the odds. Whether you are prepared to drive up or down the Mississippi River coast or are cruising along the shore in the Gulf Region, there are always options to select from. In fact, the Gulf of Mexico waterfront cities of MS together make the third-largest casino market in the USA, thanks largely to the tourist-friendly city of Biloxi. Up in the northwest corner of the country is located MS’ second-largest casino district, Tunica Resorts. Obviously, without state-licensed mobile gambling up and running, wagering from phones or tablets (or desktop computers or notebooks ) is limited to best positioned by patrons located online casino grounds, which somewhat defeats the purpose. When the expansion to allow a state-run platform gains traction in the state legislature and can be signed into law, there will be very few limits of where you are able to bet in Mississippi.
Where is The Closest Location To Me To Bet?
Those positioned close to the Mississippi River or the Gulf of Mexico would be the most lucky when it comes to sports gambling, as state laws require casinos to be found within 800 feet of these waterways. This legislation saw an expansion of distance from waterways after Hurricane Katrina severely affected the section of the industry situated on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Shores, which is the very casino-dense place in the nation. If you’re nearing the Tennessee or Arkansas border, nevertheless, Tunica (aka Tunica Resorts) provides more than a half a dozen casinos which have active sportsbooks, as well. Two tribal casinos, located in Choctaw and Sandersville, would be the sole sportsbooks not located near the above bodies of water, and these are closer to people on the eastern boundary of Mississippi.
Biloxi Mississippi Sportsbooks Tunica Mississippi Sportsbooks
Beau Rivage Biloxi Sportsbook
Boomtown Biloxi Sportsbook
Golden Nugget Biloxi Sportsbook
Hard Rock Biloxi Sportsbook
Harrahs Gulf Coast Biloxi Sportsbook
IP Biloxi Sportsbook
Palace Biloxi Sportsbook
Treasure Bay Biloxi Sportsbook
1st Jackpot Sportsbook Tunica
Fitz Tunica Sportsbook
Gold Strike Tunica Sportsbook
Horseshoe Tunica Sportsbook
Hollywood Tunica Sportsbook
Sams Town Tunica Sportsbook
Vicksburg Mississippi Sportsbooks Laurel Mississippi Sportsbooks
Ameristar Vicksburg Sportsbook
Riverwalk Vicksburg Sportsbook
Bok Homa Laurel Sportsbook
Philadelphia, MS Sportsbooks Gulfport Mississippi Sportsbooks
Golden Moon Philadelphia Sportsbook
Island View Gulfport Sportsbook
Bay Saint Louis, MS Sportsbooks Additional Mississippi Sportsbooks
Hollywood Gulf Coast Sportsbook Review Bay Saint Louis, MS
Silver Slipper Bay Saint Louis Sportsbook
Harlows Greenville Sportsbook
Magnolia Bluffs Natchez Sportsbook
Scarlett Pearl D’Iberville Sportsbook
Mississippi Sports Betting Websites Since state-licensed online betting is not yet legal in Mississippi, many taxpayers may be under the belief that all Internet-based wagering is contrary to the law. But that could not be farther from the truth, as offshore sportsbooks are able to offer the entire array of single-game sports wagers to most MS bettors of age. Websites like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, and 5Dimes also offer excellent bonuses and bonuses for new and present members. These websites are 100% legal to use, offer excellent customer service for their customers, offer guaranteed payouts, and are fully licensed and controlled in their home states. These websites, without any doubt, would be the most powerful online sports wagering destinations on the world wide web, and you must only expect the best of the best with your cash and your wagers.
Mississippi Sports Betting And Gambling Laws
Sports gambling in MS is overseen by the Mississippi Gaming Commission. It is the duty of the MGC to manage all of the rules and regulations for the gaming industry in Mississippi. The Magnolia State is very pro-gambling; however, there are particular things you must understand so you do not cross the line into a criminal violation. The easiest law at the state codebook to understand is entertaining the notion of betting with an unlicensed operator. Unless you’re gaming in a Mississippi casino (which must be within 800 feet of a waterway) or using a licensed offshore operator, you’ll be moving against Mississippi gambling laws. More info about overall betting and wagering can be found in Miss.. Code Ann. Title 97, Chap. 33.
Mississippi doesn’t have a state-run lottery just yet (this was eventually accepted by the legislature in a 2018 special session, along with the Mississippi Lottery’s launch is expected by December), nor do they allow for any kind of horse racing gambling; however, casino gambling and sports gambling are the two leaders of the legal sector. The minimum age to take part in these actions is 21 years old, and state officials and casino operators do a wonderful job of making certain that nobody is breaking this rule and gaming underage. If you attempt to do so, you will be asked the leave the premises, possess any winnings sacrificed, and are subject to misdemeanor charges and penalties. In Mississippi, there aren’t any restrictions of groups, sports, or events you may bet on, just as long as they aren’t on the youth/high-school level — collegiate sports, though given amateur standing, are fully legal to wager on.
What Teams Can I Bet On?
Mississippi is known for its love for sports even without being a host to some expert team. In Mississippi, you can bet on any professional or collegiate group per nation laws, even if this collegiate team is situated within the Magnolia State. Though we understand if you never need to stray away from betting on the Bulldogs, you have the choice, since you can choose to wager on any of the most well-known teams. Every casino will have different chances; therefore, for better payouts, always do your research and determine how certain sportsbooks grade certain groups.
University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Rebels Mississippi State University Bulldogs University of Southern Mississippi (Southern Miss) Golden Eagles
Alcorn State University Braves Mississippi Valley State University Devils Jackson State Tigers
Horse Racing Betting In Mississippi
Even with all the pro-gambling mindset of the inhabitants and legislators, horse racing is not lawful in Mississippi, and there aren’t any active horse paths in the state. The law also prevents people from wagering on horses at a simulcast capability, which is lawful in most other states. However, if you are a MS resident, you do have a couple of options available to playing the ponies. If you’re on a casino cruise, then you’d be able to bet on horse races, even as these boats take you from state lands where state and federal gaming laws do not apply. However, all of the best offshore sportsbooks that function MS clients also offer you fully-featured horse race wagering. These operators’ racebooks are world class, including daily choices from dozens to hundreds of national and global racetracks.
Daily Fantasy Sports In Mississippi
Daily dream sports (DFS) became legal in 2017 after the”Fantasy Contest Act” decided the state regulations for the business. MS House Bill 967 was agreed upon after the state had approved a temporary method during the struggle of DFS’s legality. This game is considered one of ability and not seen as gambling in the eyes of the nation that’s the reason it had been approved throughout the country. In this match, you draft a group with a select number of players staying under a set salary cap and struggle to get the most points versus opponents all over the nation. This was brought forth after several season-long fantasy soccer players grew tired of paying attention for their league after several losing weeks.

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